Wednesday, November 2, 2011

JOIN ME: The Concepts

Think outside the box. That was our goal for the CFANS Office and Diversity project, and to reach it, Jordana and I brainstormed… up a storm! Ok, that was bad, I’ll admit.  We did, however, travel around campus looking at locations and observing students/faculty in an attempt to study the way everyone interacted with their environment. In addition, we researched stories of hate crimes and discrimination so we were more informed when creating our designs.

After tossing around ideas, Jordana and I settled on three separate concepts which we would submit to our teach/fellow classmates. (Click on the image to enlarge)

1.     The Swing
This concept really focused on the idea of joining. We would install several sets of swings around campus, both inside and outside, inviting people to swing together with another person. Beneath the swings, we would place decals that named the campaign (Join Me), and listed questions to ask your partner. By doing this, we hoped to encourage people to get to know others better, understand that everyone has a story, and discourage stereotyping/discriminating against others

2.     The Mirror
This concept focused on location and unavoidable interactivity. We would place decals of various features of individuals on the mirror with the tagline: “What if you were me?” We hoped to encourage the viewer to think about life from a different point of view and discouraged discrimination against such individuals.
1.     The String
Our final concept focused on community involvement. We would install several clothesline displays around campus with a writing stand, pen, and paper.  We would as the viewer to answer a question such as “What does diversity mean to you?” They would write their answer on the paper and hang it onto the clothesline.

For more stages of this project, see these links.

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