Wednesday, November 2, 2011

JOIN ME: The Revisions

Of course, nothing is perfect the first time around. After submitting our concepts for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to small group critique, Jordana and I decided to work with the mirror decal project. However, some heavy revisions needed to be made. One major concern was the element of fun/comedy. Discrimination is a serious issue, and Ange believed the client wanted a more serious take on the concept. Thus, we began revising.

We decided to include a more serious individual on the mirror with the tagline “What if you were me?” A poster and a webpage would also be created in order to offer more information to the viewer if he was interested.

After refining the concept, we created a concept page for each element in our campaign. These concept pages, pictured below, were then shown both to the client and to individuals involved in GLBTA who were interested in the project.
                                          (Click on the picture to enlarge.)

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