Wednesday, November 2, 2011

JOIN ME: The Final

Some times the client doesn't know what he wants and you have to show him. While the CFANS Office of Diversity and Inclusion knew what they wanted to convey, their ideas hadn’t solidified and they couldn’t give us boundaries. This gave us a lot of creative freedom when designing this campaign.

Our final concept includes 4 pieces: a decal series, a poster series, a website, and a “mascot poster.” Ideally, the viewing order of these would be decal, poster, then website. However, all of these elements could be viewed in any order.

1.     Mirror Decal Series
The idea was to engage the audience in an unavoidable way.  We all need to use the bathroom, so what better place to interact with the audience? Our bathroom mirror decal would feature half of a photo of an interviewed individual, a QR code, a website link, and the tagline: What do you reflect? JOIN ME- Reflect Respect and Not Hate. This concept still embodies the basic idea of our original concept, but has a much stronger impact on the viewer.

2.     Poster Series
But the mirror decal doesn’t have a lot of information. What if the viewer doesn’t have a smart phone or laptop with them?

We solved this problem with a poster of the same individual and some of their story, further incorporating the idea that while everyone’s story may be different, we are all people and deserve to be treated with respect.

3.     Website
And if somebody wants to get involved? The can visit the website! Here you would find campaign information, full interviews, and ways for you to share your story.

4.     Mascot Poster
Finally, the mascot poster. Due to a limited budget, Ange asked each team to create a poster that embodies the essence of the entire campaign. Basically, if we could only have a poster and a website to convey the message, what would the poster look like? Instead of focusing on a single individual like the other poster series, the mascot poster would incorporate a large number of pictures in order demonstrate inclusivity.

Project DONE. A special thanks to Jordana for being a great partner to work with!

For more stages of this project, see these links.

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