Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The fourth project for our GD1 class was a bookcover redesign. It was a very open project in that we were able to redesign the cover of any book of our choosing.

We started the project with a Pecha Kucha presentation. This involved a twenty-slide powerpoint of the story we chose, each slide automatically transitioning to the next after 20 seconds. This gave our classmates/teacher the background of the story so they could give more accurate feedback on the appropriateness of our designs. In addition, it refreshed the stories in our own minds, helping us choose a direction for our designs.

While the project itself was open to stylistic interpretations, the techniques we used had a few more rules. We needed to create three separate bookcovers, each addressing a different technique- Photographic, Typographic, and Illustrative.

After finishing these designs, we needed to choose one of the three designs to print and assemble to a copy of our book. The other two designs were to be presented in a powerpoint presentation.

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