Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The first step in redesigning a book cover was to choose a book. Although previous renditions of the bookcover were very well done, I decided to redesign the cover for the book Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. I had read this book back in high school, and it had influenced me greatly.

The Uglies is young adult fiction set some time in the future when everyone undergoes plastic surgery on their 16th birthday- a surgery that makes their faces and body perfect. Tally Youngblood is excited to undergo this procedure but becomes an unwilling source in helping the authorities locate a community of individuals who are unwilling to undergo the reconstruction. Through this process, she discovers that becoming pretty is not all fun and games.

While there are many themes in this book, they can be narrowed down to the following: self-image, plastic surgery, government, free will, and the definition of beauty.

When sketching out concepts, I stumbled upon a couple that I wanted to pursue. For the photographic piece, I wanted a photograph of a magazine advertising different types of facial combinations. For the illustrative piece, I wanted to lean more towards the classic Victorean image of beauty, with perhaps a few creepy elements here and there. With the typographic piece, I decided to incorporate a concept found in the book: that the pretties were like flowers and the uglies were like weeds.

Unfortunately, do not yet have scanned sketches, so please check back for the update containing them.

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